Agathe Bouton is a French artist, originally from Paris. She moved from Istanbul to Philadelphia 3 years ago, and is now based in Wynnewood PA.  

 She works mainly in various forms of engraving, but also in painting and collage.

She studied in one of the finest and most famous applied art schools of Paris, ESAA Duperre, and has shown her art in many exhibitions in France,

Germany, and around Europe, as well as Australia, Japan,India, Burma, West Africa, Turkey and USA. She has won a number of awards for her work.

Some of Agathe’s work is displayed at the Gallery Martine Namy-Caulier in Paris, and she also has work in the permanent collection of the National Library of Paris.

Since leaving Paris 14 years ago Agathe has lived in London, Rangoon (Burma), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Dakar (Senegal), and Istanbul (Turkey),

before now settling in the US. Her work is inspired and fed by all her experiences and the cultures she has discovered during her travels. 

Her work breaks the boundaries of the traditional medium of engraving and etching. Her modern approach to this ancient technique means her work tends to be more colourful and pictorial, and less graphic than traditional engraving. 

Agathe is a Professional Artist Member at MLAC, Haverford, Creative Member at InLiquid, Artist Member at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists and Full Member at 3d Street Gallery, Old City, Philadelphia.