Habitat & Urban Matter - 2016/ 17 - Monotype and collage

Color Reflection - 2017/ 18 - Monotypes installation - prints mounted on wooden panels

Reflections & Light - 2016/17/18 - Monotypes and collages

I have loved cities since my childhood : growing up in Paris; visiting my Grandparents’ Le Corbusier apartment; watching Jacques Tati’s films with their playful modernism. I continue to be inspired by the urbanism I see around me in Philadelphia. Whether the building be a new block of offices or apartments, or an abandoned warehouse, an old administrative center, or a half-demolished home – I am drawn to the history and lives they evoke, as well as their intrinsic beauty - whether that beauty comes from design or degradation, or some combination of the two. 

My latest artwork are interpretations of these buildings – sometimes in detail, sometimes with a broader view. These urban landscapes with their grand facades, their patchworks of broken windows, their color palette, the reflections sometimes of other buildings sometimes of the sky. These artworks are intended to evoke reflections on the lives lived within these spaces, and in finding beauty, making beauty, in the urbanism that surrounds us. Color has always had an important place in my work, which has often focused on a modern approach to engraving and print art. Here I created monotypes and played with improvisation and superimposition in their creation, so although the work is monochrome (echoing traditional engraving and etching), the colour appears in different half-tones, shades and densities, in a way that can’t be achieved with traditional approaches.