Blue Days, Senegal, 2011/12

Carborundum print on linen, mounted on canvas with acrylic painting highlight. 

Landscapes. Seascapes. Skyscapes. Agathe Bouton’s Blue Days series includes all these.

In particular that landscape that is sometimes sea, as the water comes and goes – leaving traces, the passage of time and nature. Small islands that grow, shrink, sometimes disappear entirely.

A horizon that is shifting, unclear, moving, rising into the sky or sinking into the sea. The reflection of salt left sparkling like silver on the sand.

The light is also shifting – it is the light of the early morning or of the end of the day, the gloaming. This is not the light of the full day when the sun is too hot, too bright, and everything is too clear. It is a nuanced light that interplays with the landscape to change how it appears, even its colour.

The colours include a sepia tone – providing echoes of old photographs, and Agathe’s earlier works of monochrome engravings of similar scenes.

Although this series was inspired by the region of Sine Saloum in Senegal, we can also find in it other places that have inspired Agathe – the coast of Southern Ireland for example.

Each work is unique and involves a mixture of techniques. But in each we find the tranquillity, beauty and depth of nature, and the passing of time.